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Final Fantasy Reconstructed

Patch releases and updates

Open beta release v 1.0

The original open beta release of the Reconstructed project. This version does not have the ATB features included and will be replaced with an updated v 2.0 soon. Added it here for those who could not find the patch elsewhere. Confirmed to be compatible with Final Fantasy [U] rom image. 
Patch is currently hosted on a free site but will be hosted here soon.

Open beta release v 2.0

The 2nd Open beta release patch for Final Fantasy Reconstructed. This version instituted the full functionality of the Active Turn Battle system, thus altering the way the game plays significantly. Please make sure to read the readme file included for patching specifications etc. Also included are visuals for some of the alterations to items/equipment etc. 

Open beta release v3.0

The most extensive patch to date. 
Totally rennovated White and Black Magic...
Totally updated weapons/armors
New towns...
New dungeons...
A totally new experience...

Coming Soon...