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Additional Links

Links to other sites for those interested in learning more about this project or for gathering information and resources. 

Official Facebook page

The Facebook page has been almost constantly updated since the project began and provides the most comprehensive look at how everything has progressed. Material largely reflects what is displayed here.

Final Fantasy Reconstructed project YouTube

Project YouTube page with videos about this project and other video games.

This thread is where the project truly started. A great resource for anyone attempting to edit the Final Fantasy rom image or who is interested in learning how to edit other games or obtain utilities for that purpose. 

Active_ate's YouTube page

Active_ate's official YouTube channel. He's done an excellent Lets Play series about Reconstructed and a number of other Final Fantasy hacks. A great source for anyone looking to learn about other great hacks that have been made or just looking for entertaining content. 

FF6 Hacking

This is a ROM hacking website and community that focus on modifying Final Fantasy VI. You will find information about different aspects of ROM hacking as well as about Final Fantasy 6 or retro gaming in general. A great site for a beginner or experienced ROM hacker, or simply a Final Fantasy lover.

The Spriters Resource

This website is a part of several websites under the belt of "The VG Resource" - websites that are dedicated to the distribution and collection of materials from videogames. These resources are collected for personal projects and non-commercial work. Many of our users utilize the sprites, models, textures, and sounds found on our sites to make comics or games and more still just browse them to reminisce on games they've played.

Final Fantasy Kingdom

This site is dedicated to virtually all things Final Fantasy. The site contains a wealth of information, images, bestiaries for many games in the series, and has links to other kingdoms and affiliates. Definitely worth a look for fans of Final Fantasy or RPGs in general. I'm not sure if the creator is still active, but the links have worked with no problem.