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About the project

A brief synopsis of this project, and what I hope to accomplish.

This project started as an homage to one of my favorite video games (and series) of all time. The different pages all started as a result of the amount of data I was generating during my learning, research, and practucal application. Thus led to the creaton of what is now affectiontely referred to as a re-imagining of the original NES classic through updated visuals and effects, yet maintaining the core experience of the style and feel of the original game. A difficult line to walk my friends, but well worth it. 


An unexpected journey began...

After playing an early version of Grond’s Bugfix and Balance patch, which later led to Grond’s Final Fantasy, I saw how the game could be changed in certain ways. After some research of the internet, I found a wealth of information on how the game could be altered, including a number of utilities specifically made for altering the original Final Fantasy. 

This project couldn’t have reached the depth that it has taken on without the guidance and assistance offered directly and indirectly by the rom hacking community, especially RHDN and the users there. Also, before I began this project, my knowledge of computer programming in general wasn't sufficient to accomplish any of the success I've experienced to this point. Without utilities like FFHackster and Tilelayerpro, this project would likely never have even started. Since I was blessed to have access to so much help and information, I created the different project pages as a means of sharing with people who are interested in creating their own games. 

All of the changes made to the game displayed on this page were made while I learned the basics of programming and tile editing, including how things could be altered with the use of the proper code manipulation or use of a utility.All images and data presented herein are the intellectual property of the respective creators and no claims are made to the contrary. I hope this project will bring joy to fans of the Final Fantasy series as a whole, and by sharing my experiences, and lessons learned from my failures, I might inspire others to embrace their own creativity and to also try something new. Please enjoy the site and may you find something of interest and value during your stay.